TECHNICACON is a US registered multiproduct sales and service global company. We currently have business operations in India, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Jordan, and Iraq. We are a leading distributor of parts, equipment, raw material, tools, and machinery, and cater to business sector of power projects, utilities, manufacturing industries, mining, oil and gas, Atomic Energy, Railways, and locomotives, defense, and chemicals. We also support highway construction projects, elevator consultancy and, special alloy steel procurement activities. We are customer driven, market focused, and strive to deliver value, service, and results that exceeds customer expectations. Technicacon is a company of procurement specialists, and support domestic and international customers in their cost reduction objectives. We provide economical procurement solutions which helps our customers in improving their operational efficiencies. We always work to build our long lasting business relationship, and value your strategic partnership. Customer’s success is our prime objectives, and want to grow with you.

TECHINICACON specialize in supporting sourcing activities of electrical manufacturing industry, and these include copper enameled magnetic wire, special alloy steel plates, sheets, rods and bars etc., parts and accessories for motors, transformers, and turbines. We support foundry grade chromite sand, and nickel plates for castings. We also offer custom designed forged rings for turbine manufacturing, and fabricated items. Our activities include import and export of utility, elevator, and mining power cables of LV, MV, and HV class, transformers, motors, capacitors, struts, conduits, and accessories. Technicacon supports industrial and offshore requirements for flow control process and equipment such as, pumps, valves, actuators, belts, bearings, threaded pipes, sealant, tapes, and hardware etc.

TECHNICACON works with manufacturers and suppliers to serve railways, and locomotive businesses. We have a wide range products in this area, and cover turbo chargers, master controller, relays, contactors, special connectors and switches. We also support Primary and line voltage transformers, pantograph, EOT unit, thermal image camera, headlight lamp, locktite sealant, I.V. carriage coupler, track maintenance parts, noise damping solution, and forged ruff machined wheels.

TECHNICACON  is a registered contractor for DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) USA. Item we support are body armor NIJ level IIIA, security equipment, metal detectors, helmet, gloves etc. We are also a registered vendor for ICC (International Criminal Court), Netherland.

TECHNICACON  consultancy services include elevators, engineering, architectural and MEP design for residential / commercial construction industry. We are a good source of contact for your data management, and conversion support requirement.

TECHNICACON  is a registered DBE with Department of Transportation for Michigan and Georgia state. Also registered vendor for BHEL, NTPC, and Indian Railways. Technicacon is registered and certified vendor for Wayne County Airport authority, and Wayne County Procurement System.

TECHNICACON  is a fast growing global company, and currently actively involved in expanding business operations in Brazil, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. We welcome strategic partnership / JV alignments.